I am not ashamed to say, I have shed a few tears while “working”. I invest myself in the people I photograph and I get the lump in my throat like any other guest, family or friend!

I am obsessed with capturing memories. Looking at an image that can transport you back and make you feel the same emotions that you felt that day. I genuinely feel honored every single time I am entrusted with capturing the love of two people and telling their story, providing you with life long souvenirs of  your love story.

I’ve always had a passion for all things creative, any and every aspect. My passion for photography started with my love of my grandparents old photographs and family albums filled with treasured moments that have lived through generations.


"I want to tell your story, capture moments that reflect who you are, make you feel amazing, and quite frankly blow your mind."

2020 by Rachael McFadden

RM Creative Photography

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