Simone + James //
Cheshunt Register Office, Hertfordshire

WOW. My first wedding of 2020 due to the pandemic. It was so special and intimate. The guests all thought they were surprising Simone with a baby shower, when they turned up at the river next to Cheshunt Registry in Hertfordshire to see James suited and booted they couldn't believe it was actually a surprise wedding! 


When Simone reached out to ask if I could capture her secret wedding I couldn't believe it as I was having my very own secret wedding the same week!! 


The love was infectious and I was so honoured to have been there. Simone's parents lived down the same road I grew up on, so I'd actually seen this gorgeous couple walk to school together everyday since I was 13!!! This was a day I'll remember forever.

- Rach x

Chelmsford Wedding Photographer.jpeg