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5 Websites to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Size and Budget

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Some of my favourite wedding photos are the bridesmaid shots, there’s just something empowering about bride tribe photos. You always look STUNNING!! The hair, the bouquets, the energy...

After my own experience trying to find a dress that all of my girls liked was a mission! I had 5 bridesmaids all varying from a size 6-16, 5ft-6ft tall and all equally beautiful. I actually opted for different colours and similar-ish styles so I didn’t have the pressure of finding a ‘one size fits all’ dress!

There isn't a one stop shop for bridesmaid dresses, especially as we all like different styles, but after I trolled every corner of the internet I've done the hard work for you with a guide to the best websites and discount codes. So, in no particular order:


Need I say more? ASOS have stationed themselves at the forefront for affordable bridal/bridesmaid dresses. The also have some great seasonal sales and discounts, so make sure you're signed up to their mailing list!


A newer contender - or maybe I just hadn't discovered them until I was on a dress hunt... They have so many styles and colours, plus they have an excellent curve range for plus size bridesmaids! Discount code: "D8VVS6WHELLO" (You're welcome!)


They might be pricier (I did find you guys a discount code though! "REWARDWEL15"). but they have some beautiful jacquard and embellished dresses that will look so luxurious.

Pretty Lavish

I mean, their bridal collection speaks for itself, designed for the modern bride with colours to die for! 2 of my bridesmaid were actually wearing their Kesha range. I searched far and wide for a discount code and managed to find you 20% off! Use code: "HONEYCOUPON"

Little Mistress

Little Mistress have a beautiful range of elegant chiffon dresses that photograph beautifully! Average prices are around £60-£80 and stock sizes 6-20!

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