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5 Tips To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Being asked to be a MOH or bridesmaid is a pretty big deal and you play an integral part in one of the biggest days of their life. You obviously want to help make your best friend's wedding day as amazing as possible! So here are my 5 tips to nail being a bridesmaid:

Think of the little things!

Try and take care of the finishing touches, from having her lipstick on hand and positioning her veil to holding her dress when she needs to go to the bathroom and making sure she's got a full glass of champers! The little things go along way...

Get the couple some alone time to take it all in!

I always tell my couples to try and set aside even 15 minutes to just step away from the party and overlook from a distance to take it all in. You’ve been putting this together for months and it’s finally here. Tell them prior to the wedding that you’ll grab them at some point for a bit of quality time - they’ll be so grateful!

Keep them calm on the day - it can be overwhelming

This is a must, your main priority for the day is making sure your bestie is having the best day of her life!! And that definitely means keeping her as calm as possible. Be in charge of her phone for the day co ordinating guests and suppliers on her wedding morning. Ask for a contact list prior, so you can deal with as many queries as you can in her place.

Help coordinate the family photos!

I actually cannot repeat this one enough!! Couples are keen to get back to the party after their portraits and the only thing that delays this is the family shots - dragging uncle Bob away from the bar and finding aunt Gladys following the canapés - rallying up the family members for photos is a MASSIVE help!

Be Social!!!

Your top priority is making sure your bestie has the most epic day ever! So have fun, get people up on the dance floor and dance the night away!!

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