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Laura + Daryl //
La Escollera, Ibiza

I've known Laura for about 12 years now, so it was quite a surreal experience photographing my 'big sisters' special day and my first destination wedding at that!


Laura and Daryl decided to tie the knot at the stunning La Escollera in Ibiza. The Enfield socialites were looking for anything but tradition. As a footballer and cheerleader it was definitely less formality and more party! So Ibiza couldn't have been more fitting.


It was perfect, Laura was breathtaking and those squats had certainly paid off - WOW. Daryl, what a guy. Definitely 'one of the good ones', it was an emotional day for everyone but seeing Daryl cry into his mums dress set me off!

Then again before the ceremony, during, then speeches, but as he said "it must be something in the air!".


This wedding really didn't feel like work, I actually knew half of the people there due to the fact that everyone knows everyone in Enfield! This did also mean I had refreshments on tap (Thanks Kab!) while I climbed cliffs and tables to get that perfect shot.


What a lovely couple, a dream team of bridesmaids, groomsmen and their lovely friends and family. Thanks for letting me capture your day! 


- Rach x

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