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Emily + Matt //
Preston Court, Canterbury

WOW! What a perfect day. I've known Emily for about 20 years, since her family bought the house next door to my childhood home when I was just 7 years old. First we bonded over dance mat, then Em went on to walk me to my first day of secondary school, we were each others rocks during our first heartbreaks and briefly worked together too! So capturing her marrying the love of her life was a surreal one for me!! 


What a guy Matt is, you've brought out the absolute best in Emily, seeing her take your breath away is a moment I'll never forget!

This wedding really didn't feel like work, I actually knew half of the people there due to me being an additional member of Emily's family and going to school with most of the bridal party! It was my largest group of bridesmaids and groomsmen to date and what a wonderful bunch they were. The day was filled with laughter, tacos, Irish music and love!


Em, I am so happy you found your prince, even if you had to kiss a couple of frogs... hahaha


- Rach x

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