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My Top Wedding Tips


Confetti doesn't hurt, I know there is a lot going on but just enjoy the moment, smile and engage with each other, stop half way for a kiss. Oh and walk slowly - I'll be walking backwards!

Ignore the Camera

Try to ignore my camera to nail those natural shots. Chat to each other, be tactile & throw in a few kisses! Make each other laugh and enjoy it! I'll always give you prompts but it's usually the moments in between that create the best photographs.


Unplugged ceremonies not only make sure your guests are present in the moment. But there's also nothing worse as a photographer to have your shot ruined by a sea of iPhones or people stepping in the isle to get a better angle!


Speeches to start dinner. Here me out, you're paying a lot for food... If you get your speeches in there before food then your speakers can relax and enjoy every bite.

And remember, planning a wedding is pretty overwhelming isn't it? Block out the opinions and do it exactly how you two want to do it! Also there's 10000's of incredible styles and suppliers out there, equally amazing! Just go with your gut and try not to overthink every fine detail.

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