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Tips and Tricks For Perfect Bridal Prep Photos

One of my favourite parts of a wedding day is definitely pre ceremony. There is such a buzz in the atmosphere that I can’t put into words, the room is always filled with so much love and laughter, you're all getting glam, you have a Prosecco in hand and you're literally hours away from marrying the love of your life!!

I've put together a little guide to help you, help me, get the most amazing shots during this part of the day.

  1. Take your dress/outfit out and hang it somewhere well lit and pretty, this always is a stunning shot!

  2. I know bridal prep can cause quite a mess so if bridesmaids could help keep things clear it makes such a difference for your photos!

  3. Bring a box of all of your accessories, shoes, invites, rings etc, ready for me to shoot, these are such lovely detail shots you'll love looking back on in years to come.

  4. Always allow extra time. I always tell my brides to aim to be in the dress 50 minutes before leaving for the ceremony, the morning goes so quickly and things tend to take longer than you expect - especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids!

  5. Matching bridesmaid/bride robes or pyjamas look cute and are perfect for photographs.

  6. Location - lighting really can make the biggest difference to your photos so if your house/hotel has limited space then I couldn't recommend enough asking your venue for a prep room!

Your wedding morning is such an incredible experience, and I truly hope yours is amazing! If you think I’d be your perfect match then please get in touch here to check my availability!

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